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Category 1

Cluster Tech Ops

How to set up and maintain computer clusters, residential areas and learning spaces.


This is the place to ask questions if you have problems or questions related to Schoology, or the coursework or assessments within Schoology.

Data Services

This is the place to ask a question about PowerSchool, InfoSnap or CALPADS passwords, processes and procedures, or to report a problem with errors in student data in any of these systems.

General Settings

Its a public directory with general settings

Kategoria testowa

kategoria testowa do przeszukiwania pdf po treści

M3 Config

M3 Config Docs

NB Test

demo cat

Programming Languages

Some random words like PHP or Visual Basic or Java and other stuff...


User Roles

Technical Support

This is the place to ask a question if your computer or device is not functioning properly, or if there is a network or Internet outage.