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Recall an email message

Recall or replace an email message that you sent  Outlook for Office 365 Outlook 2019 Outlook 2016 Outlook 2013 Outlook 2010 With message recall, a message that you sent is retrieved from the mailboxes of the recipients who haven’t yet... Read More

Parent Page

Once you have greeted the customer, use the knowledge content to assist the customer with their query.  You can use the information below to guide you, or alternatively, use the search feature at the top left of the page to search the information... Read More

You know?

Warning Title Warning content. Put here some alerts Note: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, aenean taciti suscipit lorem posuere vestibulum, justo sagittis pede curabitur condimentum dapibus mi. Etiam ac lacinia, in libero, sapien iaculis sapien rutrum... Read More

Demo Article

This is basically just a demo system, I wonder if this will ever run as it should, I want to edit this without any problems! Probably not. Read More

What is MOT?

Can you please explain MOT? I received an SMS yesterday that my vehicle MOT is due. Can you please explain what it mean. Do i have to take any action on SMS or just ignore it? You have to visit some nearby garage for your vehicle inspection.  They ... Read More

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